Giannini - Trainer sold a geilding that was crippled and had been 'injected'


Trainer sold a gielding, that in his younger days, was a good cutter.Gianninni sold him with a guarentee that the horse was sound.

And he was, as long as you inject him. The horse is so crippled that if he is not injected several times a day, he can hardly move. The horse should never have been sold as a sound horse. It is my understanding the person Gianninni had conned into buying the horse from out of state, and bringing him into Idaho, told Gianninni the horse was not sound.

Gianninni in front of several people, including myself, told that buyer they was ***. There was nothing wrong with the horse. Guess Gianninni doesn't know the difference in a sound or unsound horse. What a trainer.

I witnessed Gianninni's rider inject the horse in his jugular. The owner didnt want to ride him, as he was sweating and was not acting normal. Again, in front of people, screamed at the owner, the owner was ***, there was nothing wrong with the horse.

Gianninni's rider who had injected the horse, as not spared Gianninni's tirade.

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